Creating a Soap Request from WSDL and sending it

Step 1: Get WSDL Text from URL

Input the Web Service URL: “”
Click the “Get WSDL” icon.
The result is shown in the Text-Field “WSDL”..

Step 2: Create list of methods from WSDL

Leave the input-field “Web Service Method” empty and click “Create Sample SOAP Request”
In the text-field “Request” a list of all supported methods from the WSDL Text is generated.
A method can appear more than once if there are different ports.
The “Web Service URL” field is automatically set to the endpoint of the Web-Service.

Step 3: Create list of ports for a method from WSDL

Enter one of the methods listed in step 2 in “Web Service Method” - here “ConversionRate”.
Click the “Create Sample SOAP Request” icon.
If the method has more than one port a list of all ports for this method is generated in the “Request” field.
If the method only has one port this port is selected and the Request (as in step 4) is generated.

Step 4: Create Soap Request-Dummy for a method and port from WSDL

Enter the port and method separated by a dot in “Web Service Method” – here “CurrencyConvertorSoap.ConversionRate”
Click the “Create Sample SOAP Request” icon.
A Dummy SOAP Request is generated. The Values for input are shown in read.
The “Soap Action” header field is automatically set for this method.

Step 5: Send Soap Request

Edit the dummy-values in the “Request” text-field – here “FromCurrency” –> “USD”,
“ToCurrency” –> “EUR” (look at the comment one line above).
Click the “Send Message” icon.
After a short while the Answer of the Web-Service is shown in the “Response” field.